“Our specialty is catering to ALL women…of all ages, sizes and styles.”

-Lisa Harrington, Owner Pink Cadillac Boutique

Lisa Harrington has always loved working with people, so helping them find the perfect outfit or gift seemed like a natural fit.  “Just yesterday I helped a girl pick her first formal dress for the homecoming dance,” she said.  So it’s no surprise that after restoring a historic house on West Colorado Avenue, she opened Pink Cadillac Boutique.

Lisa takes pride in treating each person that walks through the door as a guest visiting her home.  In fact, they are visiting her home. “The store is an old house that was built in 1898. So behind the retail space, there is a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, where my husband and I live,” Lisa said.

The Pink Cadillac Boutique features a mix of clothing, lingerie, hats and accessories.  They also carry local art, including paintings, cards, dream catchers, painted records as well as bath and body products. The jewelry that adorns the shop includes everything from locally made beaded costume jewelry to high-end sterling silver, turquoise and gold.

“Our specialty is catering to ALL women…of all ages, sizes and styles,” Lisa said.  With the help of two employees, along with her daughter (Shannon) and her husband (Jess),  Lisa has developed a loyal following of locals and tourists who love the personal service as well as her eclectic mix of fashion, accessories and the selection of over 2000 vintage vinyl records.

Many customers ask about the story behind the Pink Cadillac that is always parked in front of the store.  Lisa saw a 1960 Cadillac for sale and fell in love.  She and her husband purchased the car from the daughter of the original owner, a woman named Roberta who went by “Bobby.”  Bobby was a truck driver when she wasn’t driving her fancy Cadillac, very unusual for a woman in 1960.  “My husband and I did all of the restorations, even the sassy pink paint job.  It was worth every minute of blood, sweat and tears,” Lisa said.

“Here’s to all the women who can be tough as nails when they need to be, pretty when the time calls for it, and enjoy the wind in their hair."

-Lisa Harrington

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